Arturo Alverez

Tempo Vivace Pendant

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The Vivace is part of a collection crafted at two moments captured at alternative paces, different tempos. Formed with overlapping stainless steel mesh to create wonderful texture the Vivace brings a unique beauty to an interior spaces.Surfaces are covered with a wonderful wash of directional light making it the perfect pendant when combined with it's stunning ambient light.  


Arturo Alvarez


Total Height: 150cm (inc. Cable)
Shade Height: 25cm
Depth: 35cm
Width: 45cm



E27 ECO - Max. 1x77 W
E27 LED - Max. 1x12 W
E27 - Max. 1x100 W

LED Built-In

24,9W 3000K 2353lm Built-In


Painted Stainless Steel
Gloss Nickel Canopy