Pod Pendant

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Kin to the Poppy pendant, Pod is a vertically elongated and ellipse-like orbit of light whose body is made up of a repeated series of wood veneer strips. Unlike the Poppy with only a small gap between each strip the Pod allows just a peek at the light within. Designed by Burkhard Dämmer the Pod is appreciably not ostentatious, having a fresh aesthetic that illuminates its surroundings with an altruistic sense of cool. It is a pendant that works well discretely or as part of a striking cluster of Pod and Poppy lights.


Burkhard Dämmer 


Height: 61cm
Diameter: 53cm


Length: 200cm


POD SM E27 2220-250V
CFL 1 x 20 W Double Tube 
CFL 1 x 18 W Double Tube DIM 
LED 1 x 11 W Spherical DIM


Natural Wood Veneer
Brushed Metal Canopy