Giada Wall Light

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Giada is the ideal combination of a small fitting with incredible efficiency. It's unique aesthetic fits a wall space with ease while creating an ambient reflected light from the surfaces it touches. The perforations in the upper and lower parts of the fitting have been designed to emphasize the colours and textures of the wall it sits on, to a create luminous scenic effect. Giada is available in a two-LED version for bi-directional indirect light, and in a one-LED version for indirect light only.


Bi-Directional Light

Length: 18.5cm
Depth: 7.7cm
Height: 13.3cm

Single Light

Length: 18.5cm
Depth: 10.8cm
Height: 13.3cm



LED 2x1800lm 2x12W 3000K


LED 3850lm 30W 3000K


Die-Cast Aluminium

Polyester Paint